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Shipper Owner Containers

We are highly engaged in providing the wide range of Shipper Owner Containers which are owned by the shipper. The writing on the container's side is the only indication of ownership. These containers denotes that the consignee, or person in charge of receiving the shipment, owns the shipping container. Right now, Shipper Owner Containers are available in some varieties such as 20'GP New Shipping Containers, 40' HC New Shipping Container, 40' HQ Containers, and SOC Containers. They are tested under various industrial parameters to ensure their high quality and effectiveness. Our containers are very much liked and appreciated by people, in the market for their unique features.
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20'GP New Shipping Containers

Price: 4,50000 INR/Unit
  • Type:Dry Container
  • Length:20 Foot (ft)
  • Material:ISO STD/IICL STD
  • Capacity:10-20 Ton/day
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40' HC New Shipping Container

Price: 6,50000 INR/Unit
  • Capacity:20-30 Ton/day
  • Use:Shipping
  • Type:Dry Container
  • Length:40 Foot (ft)
  • Material:Corten A Grade
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40' HQ Containers

Price: 3,95000 INR/Unit
  • Length:40 Foot (ft)
  • Material:METAL& WOOD
  • Type:Dry Container
  • Capacity:20-30 Ton/day
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SOC Containers

Price: 1,90000 INR/Unit
  • Capacity:10-20 Tons/year
  • Length:20-40 Foot (ft)
  • Material:ISO &IICL STD

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